February 14, 2009


MUTV recently gave supporters the chance to put their questions to John O'Shea. Here are the Irishman's answers...

Do you ever play in goal in training or was the Spurs game a one-off? Mike, Nottingham
It was a one-off. Rio was interested in going in goal but I just pulled rank! I played a bit of Gaelic Football back home in the past. The game was over really, we were winning 4-0 at the time. But it was still quite nerve-wracking and I was thinking 'Why did I say I'd do this?' Thankfully, everything went to plan.

Giggsy is still doing the business at 35 - do you think you'll still be playing well into your 30s?
Francis, Didsbury
I'd like to think so. Fingers crossed I'll stay away from major injuries - that's the key really. Our fitness programmes are geared towards helping the players go on for as long as possible. And if you look at the age of some of AC Milan's players, it shows that it you look after yourself, you can easily do that.

Who would win a sprint race between Ronaldo, Evra and Rafael? Paul, Rochdale
If it were with the ball, I think Ronaldo would win it. Yes, I think Ronaldo might just have the edge.

What kind of music are you into and who is your favourite band? Andrew, Wrexham
A little bit of everything really. U2, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, a bit of hip-hop, a bit of dance - no specific favourite genre. But U2 and Oasis are my two favourites.

What's the worst game you've ever played in? Ian, Chorlton
Thankfully it's not been for United. It was for Ireland when we played Cyprus away. We suffered an embarrassing defeat and I'd like to leave it at that!

Who is the greatest footballer of all time? Eoighan, Cork
I'd have to go for Maradona, although there's lots of players I could pick. We met Maradona at Carrington recently, which was nice.