January 27, 2011

Chicharito’s Impact Thus Far

Article from manutd.theoffside.com 
January 26th, 2011

Since I posed the question in one of the posts yesterday, I was curious to determine how much of an impact Chicharito has had in terms of points won so far this season. 

Clearly, his impact is more than just goals and assists. But the intangibles are obviously more difficult to really measure. For the purpose of this exercise, I just went with a simplistic approach looking solely at the goals/assists stat and figuring out how many points he has won us because he scored/assisted. 

For instance, in the game against Stoke on Jan 4th that we won 2-1, he recorded a goal and an assist. I credit him with earning us the 3 points since his goal would have at least earned us a point while his assist got us another goal and thus, all 3 points. Read more..