January 21, 2011

Giggs confirms intention to continue playing for the club for at least another season

Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs has confirmed his intention to continue playing for the club for at least another season.

The 37-year-old has been playing on season-long contracts for a number of years now, with a decision generally taken in the spring about whether he wants to carry on.

"I am quite happy still playing at the moment and enjoying my football as much as ever," Giggs said. "I said if I was still enjoying myself and still getting picked I would carry on. We will sit down and talk but I am really looking forward to playing next year." 

No discussions with manager Sir Alex Ferguson have been arranged, but past experience suggests that when all parties sit down the negotiations will not be a protracted process. 

"I don't know when it will be sorted out," said Giggs. "We have been quite relaxed about it over the years but it is usually done and dusted quite quickly." 

Giggs, who is pursuing a record 12th Premier League title, believes his good relationship with the Scot has also played a major part in his longevity. 

"It is good to hear praise from the manager," said Giggs."He would be the first one to tell me if I was not playing well or my form wasn't good. We talk a lot more and we are a lot more honest with each other. He tells me when I am not going to play and gives me a little bit more notice now. 

"It is a great relationship and one that has been a big part of why I am still playing."