January 24, 2011

I Want To Make History Here - Anderson

Anderson has claimed that he wants to see out most of his career at Manchester United before returning to his first club in Brazil, Gremio.

“I want to make history here,” said Anderson. “I look at players like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes and I want to do what they have done. I want to remain here until just before the end of my career. Then I hope to return to Brazil and finish my career with Gremio.”

The Brazilian international also condemned the style of England players who he believes dribble too much before passing the ball.

He said: "Fitness is a priority but it is more important to make the ball do the work.

"You don't need to run all over the pitch. It is much better to pass the ball well from one point
to another.

"It can move faster than you can, so you should keep football simple and pass the ball as much as possible.

"In England, sometimes people think you aren't very good if you don't run around a lot.

"But I think that is one of the reasons why England don't do very well at World Cup finals. They run around too much."