March 05, 2011

Eric Cantona- Kung-Fu kick was best moment of my career - Video

Manchester United legend Eric Cantona has claimed that his infamous ‘kung-fu’ kick was a “dream” and a highlight of his career.

The incident, which took place at Selhurst Park back in 1995, resulted in the Manchester United forward receiving an eight-month ban and £30,000 fine.

Watch Eric Cantona- Kung-Fu kick Video Below
However, the new Director of Football at New York Cosmos said: “It is a dream for some people to kick these kind of people- so I did it for them…so that they are happy.

It’s a kind of freedom for them – so they speak about that incident because they felt something special physically.

“Maybe it was a different feeling. It is a great feeling – but different.

“I have seen so many players scoring goals and they know what that feels like, but this one – a player jumping and kicking a hooligan – it’s not the kind of thing you see every day!”

Watch Eric Cantona- Kung-Fu kick Video