June 28, 2011

Watch Malaysia vs Taiwan 2 - 1 Highlights Goal Video

2014 FIFA World Cup qualification campaign will continue when Malaysia will meet Taiwan in the first round on 29 June (0845pm) and 3 July. Malaysia had to face the first round after failing to get 'bye' when out from the position (ranking asia) set by the AFC. Meeting with Taiwan may be easy, but the squad should not underestimate the forces that inhabit the world's 160 stairs. Based on the current record, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) 2-0 defeat to Pakistan, also lost 2-0 to Turkmenistan and before that lost to India 3-0 (not sure of a friendly match or tournament).

Match Result
Malaysia [2 - 1] Taiwan 
29' [1 - 0] S. Rahim 
54' [2 - 0] M.A.A. Radzak 
76' [2 - 1] P.L. Chen