February 06, 2009


For Inside United's 200th issue, the boss answered questions from some very special guests for his Ask Sir Alex column. The full interview is published on ManUtd.com next week; here's a sneak preview of what to expect...

Who's the quickest player you’ve worked with? Usain Bolt, athlete
Gary Pallister would take some beating in a sprint over 100 metres. But speed is different running with the ball at your feet. So you’d have to consider Kanchelskis, Ronaldo, Giggs, Cole, Paul Parker - he was very quick - Anderson, Ferdinand, Lee Sharpe as a kid was quick, and Paul Ince, too. They’d all be in it. Over 100 metres, Pally would beat any of them. On the pitch, I’d say Kanchelskis or Giggs.

You seem to be the object of more public speculation and criticism than any other manager ever. Does it affect you? Simon Le Bon, singer (Duran Duran)
It’s part of the job as manager of Manchester United. It’s not just me. Look at Ronaldo - the best player in the world - he only has to have half a bad game and he gets slaughtered. Cantona got slaughtered for ages, and you see the criticism Gary Neville gets because he’s a dyed-in-the-wool United man. You accept it’s part of the package. It doesn’t bother me one bit.

Who is the best Premier League manager in terms of man-management and making the most of his resources? Eamonn Holmes, TV presenter
Oh, that’s a belter, that question. Brucey’s done a great job with his resources… Martin O’Neill also… Arsene Wenger… it’s difficult to assess Wenger because he spends a lot of money on youth players and their salaries instead of on a big player. David Moyes has done fantastically well. I’ll go for him, definitely.